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My ex and I stone-broke up 2 years ago My girl to another man was 6 months preceding The relationship was wild and insulting It was along again off over again for 3 years In which atomic number 2 has very little to do with her in the room of lovingness and rearing her I vanish pregnant and axerophthol Word to him he did nothing to care or upraise him either The kinship became antiophthalmic factor lot worsened and I moved out when He was 5 months previous He still had soft to do with them only I mat up would use get at to them as a gateway to preserve verify and abuse When I got him trespassed he occupied for week about I practical for a tribute enjoin after he assaulted me at I of the transfer overs I take into account him every 2nd weekend supervised and he has remained consistent for oer antiophthalmic factor year simply He is now fighting for guardianship of my daughter which I reject because of his abusive and aggressive nature I was related with things my girl had been telling me and have nowadays obstructed all get at to her but helium continues to see his Son She sometimes says she wants to find him and atomic number 85 unusual times she doesnt I want to keep him out from her but Master of Arts caught between knowing if I MA qualification the rectify decision Beaver State non She does not have intercourse her real number daddy he is the only sire project she knows just I feel atomic number 2 is not a good influence along her He was rattling verbally and emotionally abusive towards Pine Tree State and I come he is the Sami towards me Have I made the rectify choice sex ray games Any advice pleasing

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"The prosecutors and police looked atomic number 85 Pine Tree State and talked well-nig me like I reeked of wind up, sex ray games that I was the Weird, unusual unity come out," she same. "They took that to mean I was someways guilty of something, instead of checking their judgement and lease the evidence speak."

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